Press "Cancel" or "Clear/Off" if you see an "F" code displayed on your microwave. Sunday: Closed, GE or RCA Consumer Electronics ET Press the turntable pad "On" if your microwave model comes with a turntable on/off feature. ET You can use keywords to search for troubleshooting resolutions in our Knowledge Base. Replace the light bulb with another bulb of the same type, then replace the light housing screw and the top grill, making certain you firmly attach the screws. Most of the GE microwaves … 1-800-626-2005 Or do we need to replace the display? What do I do? Providing your zip code will allow us to ensure our products are available in your area. Enter the model number into our troubleshooting guide and you've taken the first step toward a microwave repair you can truly call your own. Register this Appliance. of baking soda, then wash the inside of the microwave to remove the burned food. Step 2. And GE microwave error codes can often help you diagnose the problem. His invention was aided by the development of radar technology during the war. Heating this lemon/water solution helps remove burned food, which you can clean out from the microwave interior. What do I do? Monday–Friday: 7 a.m.–10 p.m. Unplug your GE microwave, then check to make certain you have the turntable centered and fastened securely on the shaft. My microwave stopped working, has no power. Make a solution of 1 cup of water and 6 tbsp. Your Account. Register this Appliance. If the outlet is getting power, the microwave … If the code comes back within about a … GET UP TO $2000 BACK on Select Smarter Cooking Packages from GE Profile ET, Apply to become an Authorized GE Appliances Servicer, Major Appliance Questions Your Account. If the microwave runs but is not heating, it could be one of many components. Then, GE Appliances was credited with creating the first over-the-range microwave in 1978, the SpaceMaker. If the line fuse blows, the microwave won’t start. Ask a customer care … 1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737) ET Saturday–Sunday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Check to ensure the door is closed firmly. Touch the "Clear" pad if you see "PF" or "8888" on the control display panel. Seat the turntable firmly on top of the ring if your GE model has a ring with wheels. Find the most common problems that can cause a Ge Microwave not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. For safety reasons, we offer no do-it-yourself repair advice on microwave ovens … Microwave Power is Off. Fault codes are programmed in all microwave … What do I do? Canada: 800-361-1100 Make certain you plug your GE microwave into a three-pronged outlet. Where do I look next? Our GE Over the Range Microwave stopped working. Enter and space open menus and escape closes them as well. GE Spacemaker® Over-the-Range Microwave Oven. Microwave Oven Troubleshooting Let us show you how to fix it yourself. A fuse in your home may be blown or the circuit breaker tripped. GE Appliances Repair is well equipped to take full and comprehensive care of your appliances, offering: A 5-year warranty effective on any parts used in the repair. ... Shop by GE Microwave … Sunday: Closed, Filters & Parts Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m.–9 p.m. AT, Copyright © 2020 GE Appliances, a Haier company. Continue using your GE microwave if you see smoke and smell electrical odors when using your microwave for the first time. This confirms the engagement of the door's safety mechanisms. Make a solution of 1 cup of water and 6 tbsp. - GE Profile Microwave Why don't the 7, 8, and 9 keypads on my microwave seem to do anything? PSA1201RSS Owner's Manual. Mix 1 cup of water with 1/2 cup lemon juice into a microwave-safe container, then heat the solution for two to three minutes on high. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. GE Microwave Troubleshooting Odors Disconnect your microwave and clean it if you smell burned food. We have a GE Profile microwave oven that's probably 10-15 years old and the panel display has gotten very dim, and almost impossible to read during the day. View Specs. My microwave works but does something unusual. Disconnect your microwave and clean it if you smell burned food. Is there a brightness control anywhere? GE Profile Advantium® 120 Above-the-Cooktop Oven. In... - GE Microwave … Schedule Service . 01 - Diode. Oven will not start. Popcorn won't pop in my microwave; what can I do? OWNER SUPPORT Get Support For Your Appliance Model If your appliance has a QR code on the model/serial tag, similar to the one in the image shown here, just scan it with your smart device and be … Use your oven's electronic touch pad to choose the cooking program. Manufactured September, 2010 - July, 2013. If the microwave shuts down during a cooking cycle and appears to have no power, check the house circuit breaker and verify the outlet is getting power. Make sure the “Timer” function was not inadvertently used. Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–8 p.m. There's no good reason to turn back now, and think … Microwave Oven GE Profile Advantium SCA2000F Owner's Manual Ge profile advantium sca2000f: user guide (44 pages) Microwave Oven GE JVM1790SK - Profile 1.7 cu. Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–8 p.m. Repairing a GE microwave begins with performing a soft reset followed by a hard reset. Also, check underneath the wheels for bits of food, which can keep the wheels from turning. My question is not found in these FAQs. REASONS WHY YOUR MICROWAVE IS TRIPPING YOUR BREAKER When an appliance such as a microwave oven repeatedly trips the circuit breaker, it’s overloading the electrical circuit, which is rated to handle a finite number of amps. The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. An extensive stock of genuine GE … Saturday: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Cause 1 Line Fuse If too much current passes through the microwave circuitry, the line fuse will blow. Shop for genuine GE Appliances filters, parts and accessories at our Parts and Accessories Store. Start here to browse GE Appliances' official support documentation for owners of GE refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and other GE appliances. GE Appliances Answer Center® GE CEB1599 microwave troubleshooting. She is a freelance writer with over 25 years experience and teaches a variety of topics, including alternative health, hair care and metaphysics. Disconnect the power, and remove the old … The touch control panel on my microwave isn't working properly. Program the cooking function once again. You may see F1 through F6, or F10, which represent function or fault codes, displayed for GE technicians. Troubleshooting Get Support for Your Cooking Product If your microwave, range or other cooking product has a QR code on the model/serial tag, similar to the one in the image shown here, just scan it … Replace the charcoal filter if your model isn't vented to the outdoors and you notice excessive smoke and odors when the GE Spacemaker microwave oven is venting. JVM1540DMWW Owner's Manual. My microwave is displaying "18 power watch code." How to Reset a GE Microwave Step 1. You can try plugging something else into the outlet, like a night light, lamp, etc. GE Profile Convection ovens are versatile cooking appliances that come with a variety of features of a traditional microwave and a convection oven. Free repair advice! ... Our customer care specialists are available to chat with you live and help you address any problems you have. Disconnect the microwave power code from the outlet for 30 seconds if you still see the "F" codes. What do I do if there is popping or arcing in my microwave? Up and Down arrows will open main level menus and toggle through sub tier links. To find out, press the clear/off button, turn the oven power off, then disconnect control board's ribbon-style connection and turn the power back on. (TVs, VCRs, radios, phones, more), International Product Information View Specs. Where can I find a list of all GE Appliances microwave support articles? You will see a shaft sticking out of the floor of your microwave. Press the "Off/Clear' button to cancel anything on the display, and reset the microwave. Possible Causes. How do I replace the charcoal filter on my microwave? How can I tell if the vent on my Spacemaker™ over-the-range microwave is working correctly? It is prudent to troubleshoot … En español Live Chat online. Power surge. The codes will clear from the display and your microwave will now continue operating like usual. Press the "Off/Clear' button for three seconds to turn … ET Apply to become an Authorized GE Appliances Servicer Additional … In 1984, GE microwave models appeared under the cabinet with a voice message memo system, followed by microwaves that could scan bar codes in 1997. Manufactured February, 2007 - August, 2013. Leave the microwave door open for two to three hours to air out the microwave if you notice strong odors. Saturday: 8 a.m.–7 p.m. Microwave Oven Troubleshooting … GE Appliances Knowledge Base. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, GE Appliances: Microwave Oven Parts and Accessories From GE. The best video for a detailed, easy to understand, step by step microwave oven troubleshooting guide to repair your faulty microwave oven in minutes. GE Appliance Service 1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737) Monday–Friday: 7 a.m.–10 p.m. These codes represent a GE microwave power failure. Why is there moisture on the interior of my microwave oven? Pendleton is a certified television show producer, radio talk-show host and producer, and a computer programmer with a bachelor's degree in computer science. You may be able to save time and money in service calls if you perform some GE microwave troubleshooting steps to repair some common problems. Competitive pricing. Plug your microwave firmly into the wall outlet. Ft. Convection Microwave Service … Some examples of keywords for the search are: … This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the Magnetron thermal fuse on a GE microwave. How can I tell if a dish is microwave-safe? What do the fault or error codes that appear on my microwave display mean? ET Allow the microwave to dry before using it again. In 1978, the SpaceMaker represented the first over-the-range microwave oven General Electric (GE) made. Unplug the microwave oven… Check and make certain you pressed a cooking function instead of a timer function. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. The smoke usually comes from dust particles burning off from the elements, and the electrical odors come from the heating of the circuit board materials. Tab will move on to the next part of the site rather than go through menu items. ET If the machine fails to work when the power is on, check if the fuse is intact. Program the cooking function, which should clear the displayed codes. At GE Appliances, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction, while offering the highest levels of professional service at affordable and competitive rates. My microwave turntable isn't turning. Schedule Service . Heat lemon juice and water in your microwave to remove burned food. GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company. Saturday–Sunday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Common solutions for: GE Microwave not heating. Chyrene Pendleton has been a business owner and newsletter editor for more than seven years. 1-877-959-8688 Problem. Appliance Delivery Installation & Removal. Once the microwave exceeds that number the breaker is tripped and the... - GE Microwave … Tools for Troubleshooting. ET How do I replace the oven light in my over-the-range microwave? How do I change the power level on my microwave? Look for the light housing located near the center of the microwave oven, and remove the screw. Close it firmly, but do not slam. Unplug your GE microwave from the outlet, remove the two screws securing the top grill, and then remove the grill. We took it apart to find what was wrong and how to resolve it. May a browning dish be used in the microwave? Troubleshooting … My microwave is displaying "PF" or "8888." What To Do. Microwave Error, Fault or Function Codes. Certain odors, like fish, can take a few days to dissipate. The paint inside my microwave is chipped or scorched. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. If the fuse does not have continuity, replace it. To determine if the line fuse is at fault, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. Why do the walls or floor of my microwave feel warm to the touch? Update a Service Appointment or Check Pricing, GE Appliance Service Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels.

ge profile microwave troubleshooting

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