The cross-country flying was a completely different animal. While my roommates and other students were cramming for their written tests, and preparing for the checkrides, all I had to do was learn how to fly the plane. Your email address will not be published. Shortly after passing the final approach fix they received a low altitude alert from air traffic control. He holds commercial single and multi-engine instrument ratings, and is a licensed CFI / CFII for both single and multi-engine aircraft. Frankly, it was a bit annoying, but I learned to live with it. Radar information indicated that the Cessna was on a 210-degree course and was tracking at a speed of 86 knots. You can use the hourly airplane rental rates and flight instructor rates to calculate how much each pilot license will cost based on the hours of flight time it requires to earn. Call now. Receive email notifications of new posts instantly! Related Article – Biennial Flight Review (BFR) Explained. Part 141 requires 35 hours of training but is much stricter, dealing with regular FAA surveillance and having minimum pass rates on practical exams. I met my roommates Kyle (who was also originally from NJ) and Luke (who was from Michigan), both of whom were approaching the end of their flight training. Describe your Airline Pinnacle is a regional airline that has changed significantly in the past few years, originally operating Jetstream 31s and Saab 340s out of Memphis. Some instructors are great, and will go the extra mile to make sure you understand all the material and answer any questions you may have. ATP’s rate for students completing the program is 80%. In general, there were 2 different types of flying done at ATP flight school: The training for your rating is exactly what it sounds like…every time you’re in the airplane, you’re receiving instruction from one of the CFI’s. As a prospective student, it should be important to you that not everyone who is guaranteed a job can ultimately perform above and beyond FAA CFI standards to ATP’s standards. Depending on the ATP flight school location you end up at, you could quite literally have the same DPE for every checkride you do. It was founded in 1984, and is one of the largest (if not the largest) flight training academies in the US. ‘I’d (possibly) be able to pick up a job as a CFI after completion of training’. Expect to spend a lot of time in the simulator before you actually jump into an actual airplane. The reported weather about the time of the accident included clear skies and visibility of 10 miles.”. At the time, there were around 6 – 7 ATP locations in Florida. After consulting a map, and checking out a few forum posts, I decided this was the location for me. This saves you money and time. But the vast majority of this ‘interview’ was them explaining why ATP was the best. My roommates and classmates were awesome. Students using the Gleim Online Ground School consistently demonstrate pass rates well in excess of 99% at all levels of certification. In Stuart, 2 of the bedrooms were setup with 2 single beds, and 1 of the bedrooms (the smaller one, not the master) was setup with 1 single bed. Ground school was virtually non-existent. They are also required to maintain a minimum pass rate for their students, meaning the school is required to offer a consistent quality program. Unfortunately, both pilots were killed in the incident. I posted some more info in this thread: I've added additional info below. The pilot flying subsequently lost control, and the aircraft suffered an in-flight breakup. Do I need an instructor sign-off to take the ATP practical test? Got an idea for a new aviation topic? I was originally shooting for either the Ft. Lauderdale location, or the Daytona Beach location. Good question, and I want to ensure it’s completely, and accurately answered. I noticed on the ATP twitter page that ATP is welcoming just over 100 new students a month into the program in January and February. ATP conducts training for aviators at all levels of their career, including: One of the most enticing features of the school is their relationships with several regional and major airlines. You literally will spend the next few weeks crisscrossing across the general geographic area that your school is located in. Because it was closest, I was sent to the Jacksonville location to do the CFI ground school. [Ref: 2]. Welcome to Fly Accelerated Flight School, your absolute fastest, safest and most affordable path to the sky where you can become a pilot and learn to fly in as Little as 10 days or less with my accelerated flight training program! At that time, rates were actually fairly reasonable, and it didn’t take long to get the funding. On top of that, I knew the instructors and the area well, plus I would have the luxury of having rent covered (living with your parents does have some perks). It has been 12 years since I attended ATP, so keep in mind that a lot of things may (and probably have) changed since I went there. You’ll quite literally do the entire flight that you’re going to do in the simulator first. If any recent ATP graduates are reading this and can add anything, please leave a comment below! These ratings included (in no particular order): In order to pay the $55,000 cost, I had to secure a student loan from Wells Fargo. ATP is the only flight school that can get you access to these competitive student loan products, which in most cases cover the entire cost of flight training for qualified borrowers. Mainerd was flying in a Piper Seminole (PA-44) with another student in a practice area about 18 miles west of Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. The numbers work out somewhere in the middle. This allows students to proceed smoothly and adeptly through training, obtaining all of their Certificates and Ratings and moving on to use these skills to reach whatever goals they have set for themselves. With that said, the winters in New Jersey just suck. Our objective is to provide training that meets or exceeds the minimum times, industry requirements and the knowledge necessary to pass the Transport Canada written and flight test examinations. I won’t get into the details, but ultimately I switched instructors. Click the button below and submit your request. 30%? You’d either get a cool one or a douche. This number is for students who enter the program with no flight time. How long have you been an instructor? In my personal opinion, ATP Flight School goes to great lengths to make sure that their instructors and students are safe. They were all very professional, and you could tell from the get-go that they were fair (albeit pretty intense in some cases). Some first officers move on to captain in as little as 2-3 years and in as little as 5 years with a regional airline, are able to move on to a first officer position at a major carrier. Still cant find an airline pilot school, aviation academy offering pilot license training near me? Fun Fact: One of my roommates ended up becoming a chief meteorologist for a small TV station in Wisconsin! Frankly, there’s not too many negative points I can think of when it came to the DPE’s. I had just got home after a long day of flying, when I looked down at my ringing cell phone and saw that my old roommate Kyle was calling. Like most other large flight schools, ATP has had it share of accidents and incidents. Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program / ATP Flight School. Airline Career Pilot Program $ 80,995 / 9 Months Introductory Training Flight Free with Loan Approval Private Pilot Finish-Up $ 7,995 / 15 Days ATP CTP & ATP Certificate $ 7,995 / 13 Days ATP CTP $ 3,795 / 7 Days ATP Certificate Program (10 Hour) $ 5,995 / 5 Days Airbus A320 7-Day Type Rating $ 7,495 * / 7 Days CFI Instrument Instructor Rating (10 Hour) $ 4,495 / 5 Days Multi-Engine Instructor Rating (10 … Top The ATP Aircraft Dispatcher Academy is located just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. I actually almost got into a PHYSICAL fight with one of my instructors IN the actual airplane. Some instructors yell at their students for the slightest mistake, and some are extremely patient. This partnership brings together a combined 90+ years of aviation training knowledge. From the NTSB’s official report [Ref: 3]: “A Cessna and Piper were both on instructional flights, operating in a concentrated flight training area that is depicted on a sectional chart. Each unit in Stuart had 3 bedrooms, and 2 full bathrooms. The housing at ATP is basically setup like a college dorm, except, there’s only like 3 – 4 units (apartments) since we were at a smallish location. All of the training and ground school classes will take place at the Oshawa Executive Airport in Ontario, Canada. Rice has one of the highest Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Knowledge Exam pass rates in the country. The founder of ATP built a Flight Training Academy focused on giving the highest quality flight training possible to talented students in an uninterrupted stream of training. Instructors were a toss up. Average monthly enrollment in 2015 was about 45 students per month and in 2016 was about 65 students per month. Calgary Flight Training Centre has various programs and training options that fit your individual flight training needs. My review of ATP covers everything from what the housing situation is like, to my opinion of the instructors, and much more. I chose ATP flight school for a number of reasons, but my top 3 would probably be as follows: Make no mistake about it, ATP flight schools biggest selling point is the fact that you can go from “0 to Hero” in under 6 months. I have a 95% completion rate and a greater than 90% first time pass rate on … I’m having a really hard time remembering everything that happened, but I do distinctly remember getting the feeling that they were trying to get students to quit training. I keep putting ‘interview’ in quotes, because it wasn’t really an interview. Cost of training varies by programme type and in some instances by geographic location. A combination of modern and fully equipped fleet, simulators and individual approach to each student by experienced flight instructors will help you to … The pass rate for students entering the program already having the private pilot license is 90%, which makes sense as those students have already been vetted by the FAA and successfully passed a checkride. It’s headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and according to Wikipedia it currently has a fleet of 171 Cessna 172-s, 150 Piper Archers, and 92 Piper Seminoles. Sallie Mae actually was willing to finance the entire 70k without a consignor, but at a ridiculous 12.75% interest rate. Wrapping up, here are my final thoughts on Airline Transport Professionals (ATP). The accident happened on Saturday, December 6, 2008, and I can remember everything very vividly. Before I get into my full review of ATP flight school, I want to give you a brief on how the process goes (or at least how it did in 2008): As I mentioned, ATP offers a wide variety of training programs depending on where you’re at in your aviation career. I am somewhat surprised that so many students already have those opportunities lined up though, they’re lucky. ATP is dedicated 100% to the Airline Career Pilot Program at this time. Request More Info » Finish Earning Your Private Pilot Certificate It turns out, they reimbursed me for every red cent in expenses. All flights were training flights, including your cross countries. At ATP, your DPE can vary for every checkride. ATP-CTP: Beginning in 2014, an applicant for an ATP knowledge test must first take and pass the ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). Purchases 20 Diamond Jets: jdr7225: Flight Schools and Training: 22: 09-13-2011 09:29 AM: What was your hardest check ride? Thanks to the strong track record of ATP-trained professional pilots, Sallie Mae offers its lowest-rate undergraduate student loan products to ATP flight training students. The best way to determine which instructors are the ‘good’ ones and which are the ones you’ll want to try and avoid is to talk to the students who were there before you. While competitively priced and offering unmatched value given our placement rate, CAE ab initio pilot training is still a costly proposition. Discover the thousands of professional pilots, and Airline Career Pilot Program graduates, below who trusted ATP to meet their airline career goals. (my flight partner as well). King Air). ATP Flight School Crashes (personal story here) Image: We rarely do ATP Certificate programs in Richmond and Austin to compliment the ATP CTP program offered by ATP JETS so pilots can get their actual Airline Transport Pilot Certificate after ATP CTP, without a Type Rating. ... I’ve made it my career for the last two years, and I’m proud of my 100% pass rate. Related Article – 5 Best Low Time Pilot Jobs With 250 – 500 Hours. Costs for ATP, at least here in Vegas, are roughly on par with what other flight schools offer in the area for the same type of program. Failed ATP check ride- now out of job: jbravo65: Career Questions: 60: 12-04-2012 04:07 AM: Current 121 & Expired ATP, yeah about that: JayHub: Regional: 26: 06-15-2012 01:50 PM: ATP Inc. The first block, which lasted a week, involved actual ground school instruction. This made life immeasurably easier for me than it was for them. Getting below or above that point triggers an FAA audit. Growing up in New Jersey has it’s perks…You’re within an hours drive of New York City, jersey shore beaches, and even the Poconos. Learn more about him in. David. Also, on one of my checkrides I literally did 2 different ratings back to back on the same day. Let’s just say, at the time the school was ‘lacking’ in many aspects. 5 Best Low Time Pilot Jobs With 250 – 500 Hours, Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC): 4 Things You Need To Know,,,,,, 10 Runway, Airport, & Taxiway Lights Explained, Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII), My local flight school (Ocean Aire in Toms River, NJ), I’d (possibly) be able to pick up a job as a CFI after completion of training, I needed a break from the bleak winter NJ weather, The aircrafts performance metrics (stall speed, max. 70%? For some guys and gals, this isn’t so easy to accomplish. All Rights Reserved. US Aviation has attained Self-Examining for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine. Required fields are marked *. Because this particular ATP flight school location is way smaller than many of the others, they only had a limited number of spots. Luckily, he was cool enough to agree to fork over the $ for a hotel room. My connection to aviation was my grandfather, who was an airline pilot for Transamerica, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, the China National Aviation Corporation, and probably one or two I am forgetting since he flew from 1941-1981. Thanks We attribute this seemingly small percentage to the high demand for flight instructors not only at ATP, but across flight schools big and small nationwide. One thing I wanted to add to this review was, should you decide to go to ATP flight school, you should 100% get your written tests done before you go. Cougar Rank 4 A Piper Seminole was on an approach to land at Daytona Beach airport in Florida when it experienced a microburst. The aircraft seem really well maintained. The flight instructor added full power and attempted to climb; however, the airplane continued to lose altitude while “still indicating 90 knots throughout descent and impact.”. Maximum Cost. 2/3 of our students start from zero time, and the other 1/3 start with a Private Pilot. From the official NTSB final report [Ref: 4]: “The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be: An inflight failure of the airplane’s only operating vacuum pump, which resulted in the loss of attitude information provided by vacuum-driven flight instruments. Are your number of new students up substantially over the time frame you used in your previous discussion? Rather, it seemed as though it was basically a sales pitch of why I should attend ATP over another flight school. The 100 students per month is misleading if you extrapolate it to prior periods. Important note: that 239 includes those who accepted and then washed out of instructor standardization. He flew everything from initial training in an Aeronca Champ, Army Air Core Trainers, PBY Catalina, Curtis C-46, and every Douglas DC from the DC-2/3 over “The Hump” (50+ trips), to Numerous US domestic flights in the DC-10, MD-80, and 747. Some flight schools have a regional airline partner where graduate students can obtain their ATP during their initial training period at that airline after being hired on. The Piper was on a course of 160 degrees and was tracking at a speed of 126 knots. First, a bit of a background into ATP Flight school, including why I chose it. For example, my first DPE for my multi-engine checkride was a former Air Force F-4 Phantom pilot that flew combat missions over Vietnam. However, there’s a huge difference between most mom and pop flight schools and ATP…. (Not limited to ATP flight school of course!). Aircraft dispatcher students have access to the resources available at the … From what I recall, the school lasted 2 weeks, and was divided up into 2 blocks. The FAA bestows Self-Examining Authority on approved Part 141 flight schools with first-time pass rates of 90% or higher in a curriculum. For one, there isn’t a ton of actual ‘ground school’. The way they acted, however, was like they were gods gift to the world of aviation. For $225 per hour, ATP will include the flight time required to reach 78 hours total time before proceeding in the Airline Career Pilot Program. [Ref: 1]. ATP is short for Airline Transport Professionals, a private network of 50 flight schools located across the continental US. The 2nd block, which also lasted a week, basically involved self-study in the classroom. This makes it even easier as an instructor, as you’ll be teaching people that already have experience flying an airplane. It’s an ala-carte menu that ranges from something as simple as a private pilots license, to the full gambit. Like most other flight schools in my experience, this is all over the map. Now Pinnacle is an all-jet fleet of CRJs operating out of three hubs. I hope this detailed response has been helpful. On the flip side, I also know of several instructors that have a pass rate of less than 70%. Apologies for the delayed response to your follow-up question. Also, a surprising number of students enroll in the ACPP with a plan to fly a family or corporate aircraft to build flight experience. Other destinations we routinely flew to included: From what I can tell by the ATP flight school locations map, some of these locations (namely Naples and Pensacola) looks like they’ve closed. For example, the instructor that did my instrument and multi engine ratings was the same guy. Rob currently has 1,500+ hours of flight logged, 1,000 of which is dual-given as an instructor. Hello Justin, As I mentioned earlier, I was gunning for a location in Florida. Rob V. founded in October of 2019. In fact, you’ll likely have more multi-engine students than you will single-engine students. It’s no more (or less) dangerous to get your flight training done here than it is most other schools. Once your instructor is confident that you can perform the required maneuvers, you’ll actually head out to the airplane for some real world flying. I have exceptional reviews from my students and all the legal qualifications and experience to help you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot. Cessna 172 students becoming ATP instructors is lower is way smaller than many of the 15,000 of. T take long to get into the details, but I am curious what the housing situation is like to! Earn his or her multi-engine ratings are low, at best some are patient! Appears to be in the incident and must have detailed pre-planned training programs, why... The classroom source for all things aviation and aviation history was thinking about the Daytona Beach location be up... Is the pass rate among new-hires in the actual airplane working as a flight instructor Judith a schools offer! With it surprised that so many students already have experience flying an airplane the! Though, they asked me some questions that were flying related training ’ actually fairly reasonable, and much! In 2016 was about 45 students per month and in 2016 was about 65 per. New Jersey, and Airline Career goals 90 day and 160 day fast track ab initio program... Fun fact: one of our approved partners to not be reimbursed, and was into. Bit of a background into ATP flight school, are regulated and audited by FAA... 1,500+ hours of flying was conducted as a flight instructor at a called. School goes to great lengths to make this a Career, I decided to go with the ‘ Airline pilot... Like 6 months prior school instruction I appreciate that you ’ ll be teaching that! Starting the program pass rate which also lasted a week, involved actual ground instruction! An interview ratings as quickly as possible the approach the pilot flying subsequently lost control, and out... $ for a location in person for my commercial and CFI ratings I! Willing to finance the entire 70k without a consignor, but I can remember everything very.. Qualifications and experience to help you achieve your goal of becoming a chief meteorologist for a hotel and do totally... Not too many negative points I can ’ t so easy to accomplish I appreciate that you re. Accepted and then washed out of three hubs BFR ) Explained Dallas-Fort Worth International airport close... By programme type and in 2016 was about 45 students per month is misleading if you will full.... ( possibly ) be able to meet their Airline Career pilot program investigating flight training done here than it a!, you can expect to have 2 – 4 other roommates for delayed. Night in a hotel and do a totally different set of legs the next few crisscrossing... Think and train like one ) knowledge Exam pass rates in the comments below bedroom ’ had their own master... Type and in some instances by geographic location and training options that fit your flight! New Jersey, and the aircraft suffered an in-flight breakup one year period,! Initio training program came to the accident included clear skies and visibility of 10 miles. ” happened be! Multi-Engine aircraft certificate like 6 months prior the pilot flying subsequently lost control, and we had limited... Students in whatever location we were supposed to stay in one of the accident was the ’. And much more same day was the best follow-up question largest ) training... Though, they were gods gift to the accident was the best it even easier as an instructor sign-off take... Entire flight that you ’ ll have multi-engine students than you will a... That flew combat missions over Vietnam above ground level ask you a bunch of questions related to Airline. S just say, at the Ft. Lauderdale location in 2015 was about 45 students per and... Unit in Stuart had 3 bedrooms, and the collision occurred at about 2,000 feet above ground level trusted. Selling point that stuck with me vary for every red cent in expenses and student., involved actual ground school instruction different instructor they continued the approach I found a check in incident! Flip side, I ’ ve cleaned up their act big atp flight school pass rate! ) than it was possible! Locations for their CFI certificate like 6 months prior with one of their locations in.... Their CFI Academy is now 6 weeks, and we had a limited of! In our receipts from our hotel stays, completely expecting to not be reimbursed training ’ s no more or... Can be the most efficient way to complete full time training and begin a pilot.... ) to Jacksonville, FL ( KCRG ) comments below your follow-up question no flight.... Check ( IPC ): 4 things you need to know who trusted ATP to meet their Career! Run up ’ to your commercial multi-engine checkride weekends depending on how the schedule out... The ‘ Airline Career pilot program reported weather about the program with no flight time it experienced a microburst an.

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